How we function

Welcome to the Land of Farmers, the premier platform for hardworking farmers like you to showcase and sell your produce and products. Here's how you can get started

1. Sign Up for Free:
- Create your individual login ID.
- Submit your details for approval.

2. Account Approval:
- Our team will review your submission.
- Upon approval, you're ready to start listing!.

3. List Your Produce and Products:
- Set your products, prices, and specify delivery options. Choose from pick-up, shipping, in-store, and more.
- Get a unique store link to share with potential customers.

4. Promote Your Online Store:
- Share your store link with friends, family, and your community.
- Consider promoting your store via paid ads on social media to boost sales.

5. Weekly Payouts:
- Sales made through online orders will be settled to your bank account on a weekly basis.
- We only deduct a 3.5% credit card transaction fee if the purchase was made using a credit card online. No other commissions or fees!

6. More Than Just Produce:
- Looking to offer more? List your farm details if you're open to renting your space for recreational activities, educational visits, "pick your own" experiences, and more.


- **Zero Listing Fees**: We charge no fees or commissions for listing your products. Keep more of what you earn!

- **Flexibility**: Offer a variety of delivery options tailored to your convenience and the needs of your customers.

- **Expand Your Reach**: With our platform, you're not just selling to your neighbors - you're reaching a community eager to support local farmers.

**Join the Land of Farmers family today and take your farm business to new horizons!**